Resolving Password Sync Issues on MWS / PaaS Windows Computers


MiWorkspace / PaaS

Windows 10 / Windows 11


After resetting a UMICH (Level-1) password via, the new password works for weblogin, but:

  • Windows is still accepting only the previous password
  • Share/network drives are inaccessible
  • A message appears, prompting to lock & unlock Windows to re-sync passwords
  • Office 365 is prompting for re-activation

Some messages may include the following:

Error message warning that if you keep entering the wrong password, you'll be locked out.
This message can occur if a password has been reset, but either the new one is being entered incorrectly, or the previous password is being entered.

Windows needs your current credentials. Please lock this computer, then unlick it using your most recent password or smart card
This message can occur if a password has been reset, but you are currently logged into your Windows computer.


On campus, connected to a campus network

If on campus, and connected to a campus network, simply locking the machine & unlocking with the new password should allow the computer to sync the new password.

After this has been done, if pop-up messages regarding credentials are appearing, restart the computer.

Off and on campus

  1. Verify that the Cisco Management Tunnel is connected via the Troubleshooting sub-menu of the MiWorkspace helper app on the taskbar
    1. Click on your MiWorkspace helper app (the M in your taskbar)
    2. Click on Troubleshooting
    3. Click on Cisco Management Tunnel Status 
      Image showing how to check for Cisco Management Tunnel Status
    4. Make sure it says Management Tunnel Status: Connected
      Pop-up showing the Cisco Management Tunnel Status
  2. Lock the computer by pressing Windows Key + L or via the Start Menu, then unlock the computer by entering the new credentials.

Additional Information

If the Cisco Management Tunnel is not functioning, or you need additional information, please contact the ITS Service Center for assistance.

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