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Microsoft Product Licensing for University of Michigan


There are multiple licensing options that differ depending on specific software title and University of Michigan affiliation.

NOTE:  Alumni and retirees are NOT included in the university's licensing terms with Microsoft

  • Microsoft Office 365 (does not include Windows OS)
  • Microsoft Office Campus Agreement -- Covers Microsoft Windows OS (upgrade only) and Microsoft Office​​​​​​

Other Resources for purchasing Microsoft software for personally-owned devices:

Additional Microsoft titles are available for purchase by University of Michigan departments:

Additional Information

See for more licensing details.

For WindowsOS upgrades, the commercial operating system can include MacOS (requires windows shell).

***KMS Activation (Key Management Service)

  • Happens automatically in the background every 90 days or so
    • Requires the computer to be regularly connected to a campus network
    • Requires VPN when off campus
      • Intermittent disconnect is still allowed (as in when a computer is taken home overnight)
      • KMS will re-attempt when connection is restored

More information on KMS can be found at


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