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What Grade/Score Colors (Green, Yellow, Red) mean?

What lower bound and upper bound parameter mean?


What Grade/Score Colors (X Null,  Green,  Yellow, Red) mean?

The Student Success Viewer has a color coded system for users to see action they may need to take at a glance. Each student has a status indicator for each course they are taking to demonstrate roughly how the student is performing in the course. The status indicator is based on student grades and views of the course site as reported from the Learning Management Systems.  Advisers have control on setting lower bound and upper bound from the course average to give it a good bell curve for the Green, Yellow, Red color for the student’s current grade as well as assignment score.

X  icon Null

The black color X icon indicates students with:

  • Null  Grade/Score

A Student with null grade/score mean Non-submission of assignments by the student or the instructor's decision not to grade the assignment should be engaged to discover what could be contributing to null.

⬤ Green Circle icon

The green color circle icon indicates students with:

  • A grade of upper bound% and above in the course average   

A student with a green circle icon should be encouraged to continue using the strategies to maintain their high grade in the course.

▲ Yellow Triangle icon

The yellow color triangle icon indicates students with:

  •  A grade of lower bound% and above in the course average   

A student with a yellow triangle icon requires some exploration into why their grade is in the mid range.

Red Diamond icon

The red color diamond icon indicates students with:  

  •  A grade of less than lower bound% below in the course average   

A student with a red diamond icon should be engaged to discover what could be contributing to the lower grade percentage.

How to use Lower Bound and Upper Bound Parameters 

The bell curve is used to ensure that the high value attributed to an 'A' is maintained because only a small percentage of students can be awarded it.  So Advisers have flexibility to enter lower bound and upper bound parameter values based on the course class average to see better grade distribution for the student in question.

Additional Information

ITS Student Success Viewer Information Page

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