What is Classroom Services?

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This article is intended for faculty, staff, and students who need technical support in a mediated classroom with a smart cart, projector, computer, or other supported technology.


This article is for general informational purposes and has no specific requirements.

What is ITS-CS?

The Classroom Services (ITS-CS) unit within ITS is responsible for the selection, installation, delivery, maintenance, and user training for instructional media equipment in all buildings of the UM-Flint campus. They provide prompt on-site technical support in classrooms, labs, and academic departments with supported technology. Faculty and staff can also rent select audio, visual, and computer equipment from them.

Additional Information

The ITS-CS resource links below provide details on their support, services, instructional guides, and policies:



If you have any further questions or concerns, not related to a mediated classroom, please feel free to contact the ITS Helpdesk.


Location: 206 Murchie Science Building

Hours: go.umflint.edu/hours

Phone: (810) 762-3123

Email: flint.its.support@umich.edu

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