How do I share a CAEN lecture recording?

Manage recordings button

  • Click the Share button in the bottom-right corner of the recording you wish to share:

Share button

  • In the pop-up window, type the U-M uniqname or email address you want to share the recording with in the box at the top and hit Enter or click Add:

Viewer search bar

  • Confirm the user(s) found by the system. If you need to make any corrections, click Cancel.
  • Clicking the Notify people checkbox will send an email on your behalf to the user(s).
    • You can add a short message to the email
  • Click the green Share button.
    • If you want their access to expire after a date, click the calendar icon and choose a date - it defaults to two weeks from now.
  • If you make any changes on the first screen, you will need to click Save to apply them.


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