How do I use iClicker Cloud if my Canvas course has multiple sections?

Large Canvas courses with multiple lecture sections may have separate polls for the same lecture. For example, some students attend lecture 1 on Monday, some attend lecture 1 on Tuesday. It is possible to aggregate polls into one Canvas grade column. To do this, instructors must create an iClicker Cloud Course for each lecture section. Then sync the entire class roster for each iClicker Cloud course. Go to the “Integration” setting and under “Grade Sync Settings,” make sure to check the box “Do not receive a score in Canvas gradebook.”

NOTE: iClicker polls for a particular week that should combine into the same grade column in Canvas need to be named identically. Sections should agree on a naming convention and rename the poll in the iClicker gradebook before syncing.

It is also important that the polls in each section have identical names before syncing to Canvas. See iClicker documentation: iClicker RGS with Canvas: Multiple Sections

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions: iClicker Cloud Roster & Grade Sync with Canvas: Multi-Section Courses


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