How do I set up my iClicker course to use Roster and Grade Sync with Canvas?

  1. From the instructor website ( navigate to your iClicker Cloud course.
  2. Open the course Settings and go to the Integrations tab.

  1. From the Integrations tab, click the Select button for the "Set up Integration" option.
  2. The first time through the setup, you will see a notification that you need to authenticate with your LMS (Canvas). Click the button to continue to your LMS (Canvas).
  3. The browser will redirect to your LMS (Canvas) to enter your login credentials and authorize the integration. Once you complete this step, you will be automatically redirected back to iClicker Cloud to continue with the setup.

  1. Now that your accounts are linked, you need to link your LMS (Canvas) course to your iClicker Cloud course. From the list of your active LMS (Canvas) courses, choose your course then click the button at the bottom of the dialog box to continue.

  1. Canvas ONLY: If the Canvas course you selected has sections, you will be shown a list of of sections to choose from. You must select AT LEAST one section to continue. If your Canvas course does not have any sections you won't see this step at all.
  2. With your course mapping complete, you have the option to do an initial roster sync immediately or you can choose to do it at any time later from the iClicker Cloud roster page (People --> Students). This guide will cover the roster sync in 
  3. After dismissing the setup modal, a summary of the integration is shown in the settings tab. Additional integration settings are available including the option to unlink your course if you need to make a correction.
    • Sync to LMS (Canvas) grade book as a single total column OR separate columns for each activity. Before selecting activities to sync, make sure the syncing option is correct. If you wish to switch options, go to the Settings tab and the go to the Integrations tab.


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