Why does my terminal look different when logging into a Linux CLSE computer?

The Linux home directory for eligible CAEN users is located in the same storage space as their CAEN Home Directory on Windows CLSE computers, but the way it is accessed will be different. When logged into a Linux CLSE computer, the default home directory location will be at the following path, where uniqname is their U-M uniqname:


Note: For consistency with past Linux CLSE environments, this location is also linked at the following path: /home/uniqname

A side effect of this change is that a user's previously-customized settings may be reset (i.e. customizations to the .bashrc or .bash_profile dotfiles). If needed, users will be able to copy the files from their AFS storage space to this new home directory location. For example, previous AFS home directories are accessible via the following command (note that the top level /afshome will not show your uniqname directory until you try to access it, as it is automatically mounted at that time):

cd /afshome/uniqname

In order to then copy the files from AFS to their CAEN home directory, users can use the following command, where filename is the name of the file to be copied:

cp filename /studenthome/uniqname/dotfiles

To save space, it is recommended that users only copy the files from AFS that are needed for their continued work. Otherwise, all files will remain accessible in the /afshome/uniqname directory at least through the 2023-2024 academic year.

As an additional alternative, users can also upload their AFS files to U-M Dropbox for long term archival.

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