How do I use presets to save and recall the camera position on my Lecture Capture site?

Every CAEN lecture capture site has six camera position presets, labeled 1-5 and wide, with the wide preset being the default for the camera position when the recording begins. These presets are saved within each individual recording site, so they can be recalled to quickly readjust the camera to the desired angle at any point during the recording. To configure the camera presets for your recording site:

  • If more than one room recorder is configured for your site, select the desired location from the drop-down menu:

  • Click the blue Connect to the capture system button.
    Note: Keep in mind that when others are using the lecture capture system in the same location, you won't be able to set presets or control the camera.

  • Use the arrow buttons to adjust the instructor camera to the desired angle, and the +/- buttons to zoom in/out.
  • Click Set Preset, then the number (1-5) of the preset button to which you would like to save the current camera position. At any point during the recording, you may then press the number of the preset to adjust the camera to that preset angle:
Note: At the start of each scheduled recording, the camera will default to your site’s wide preset. If you want your recording to include more of the room or zoom to a particular location once it starts, set this view to the wide preset.


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