What are some recommendations for having hybrid meetings, with both on-campus and remote attendees?

A hybrid meeting is one where some of the attendees join in person, while others join remotely via videoconferencing. Below are a few simple tips for how to get the most out of your hybrid meetings:

Before the meeting

  • Share any documents to be used ahead of the meeting, so participants can follow along. Include them in the meeting invite, if possible.
  • If the meeting was scheduled via Google Calendar, select in a meeting room or joining virtually to indicate how you plan to attend:

Join meeting options

  • If you are attending in the room, bring your laptop to the meeting, log into Zoom, and mute your microphone to ensure the remote attendees can see you.
  • If your plans change and you switch from meeting in person to virtually (or vice versa), make sure to inform the meeting organizer or project manager (if applicable).

During the meeting

  • Remember to mute yourself if you’re not talking.
  • If you are in-person with other attendees in a room, make sure that only one person unmutes at a time to avoid audio feedback or echo.
  • If you are in a shared office, make sure that other non-attendees in the room are not being shown on the camera.

Further Help

Be patient! Meeting start times may be delayed due to technical difficulties. For additional tips on managing hybrid meetings, refer to the ITS Hybrid Meeting Best Practices page.

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