How can I integrate a Twitter feed as part of my WordPress site?

Using the included Twitter block

To add a Twitter feed, add a new block where you want it on the page and select the Twitter block with the blue Twitter logo. You may then insert the URL of the twitter feed you want to embed:

twitter embed block

After embedding the URL, you should now start seeing the feed. You can also choose to Unroll the feed, which imports the content of the feed directly into the page, preserving its content:

example twitter feed from embed

Using Jetpackā€™s Twitter block

As part of an optional WordPress plugin called Jetpack, there is an available widget specifically for displaying a Twitter feed/timeline, as shown below:

twitter timeline (jetpack) settings

This widget is not available by default to sites that use CAEN's Web Publishing Service, however, CAEN can activate it on a per-site basis. Simply Contact CAEN to request it for your site.

For information regarding widgets in general, please see What's a Widget?

For information on configuring the Twitter widget, refer to the WordPress Support page.


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