How do I add a post to my WordPress site?

To begin, hover over the Posts link in the left-hand side of the WordPress Dashboard, click to expand it to reveal the sub-menu, or click on the Add New button next to the Posts title.

posts screen

Or you can also use the + New menu in the WordPress admin bar:

new posts button

On the new page that opens, enter the title of your post in “Add title”. Below the title, you can add in blocks to start the content of your post.

add title to new post

At the top of the right column on this screen you will see the Save draft, Preview, and Publish buttons. Here, save your post as a draft, preview to see how the post will look once it’s published, or publish the post once it is complete.

settings for post

When you click on the publish button, you can either publish the post immediately or schedule a publication for a later date and time. You can also choose the desired visibility, add tags, share your post, and see how the post will look on different social media platforms.

publish confirmation pop-up

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