What is a page "template?"

Page templates allow website administrators to apply a custom look, feel, and behavior to pages on a WordPress website. As part of CAEN’s WordPress Web Publishing Service, the College of Engineering’s “responsive” theme currently offers two page templates - Default Template, and Posts Page.

The Default Template is the standard template for every page on your WordPress website. This template allows you to add content to the main content area of a page, as well as add Widgets to either the left or right sidebars for displaying additional content and navigation options. For more information, see the options for customizing your site's navigation article.

(Default Template with Contact box)

(Added content to Left Sidebar using Widgets)

(Added content to Left & Right Sidebars using Widgets)

There is also a secondary page template available called the Posts Page. This template provides all of the same content and navigation features as the Default Template, but it will also display a timeline of excerpts from all the Posts on your site (under the main content area). For more information on using the Posts Page template, see the Posts section of our knowledge base.

(Posts Page automatically displays all posts on the site)


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