How do I add a page to my WordPress site?

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On the dashboard, click on the Pages tab in the left-hand sidebar – the word will turn blue:

pages tab

Click on Add New underneath Pages, and you will be taken to a new page:

new page

In the "Add title" space, type in the title of your page – this will display both in the page title area, and as the navigational link to this page.

Select a Template

Select a template by selecting an option from the Template drop-down menu as shown above. The page template will determine the layout and behavior of the page. Options are the Default Template, or the Full Width Template. For a description of these templates, see What is a page "template?":

add title for new page

Add content using the blocks of your choice (depending on the type of content), and click on Publish in the upper right of the edit area. Another option is to save the page as a Draft.

Note: After adding a page, when you want the page to appear in the top navigation menu of your site, you will need to specifically add it to your site's Menu Structure. For instructions, refer to How do I configure top navigation menu of my site?.


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