How do I convert a Course Approval Request Form (CARF) submission into a Registrar's Office (RO) formatted Google Document?

After you have submitted a CARF for a new course, or a course modification/deletion, you can use the submitted data to generate a pre-filled Google Doc in the format accepted by the U-M Registrar’s Office:

  • Begin by opening the CARF spreadsheet (This spreadsheet has been shared with all members of the carf-users Mcommunity group).
  • Find your submission in the All tab in the spreadsheet, and select the row.
  • From RO Template, select CARF >> Make CARF Doc (A notice will appear saying “script running”).

Soon after the script finishes, you will receive an email with a link to the location of the Google Doc which has been formatted for the Registrar's Office.


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