How do I share my Zoom Cloud recording with students via my Canvas site?

Note: For further details on the differences of Cloud vs. Local recordings in Zoom, refer to our knowledge base article.

If you streamed your meeting over Zoom and used the Cloud recording feature, you can share it with your students in Canvas using these steps:

  1. Make sure Zoom is linked to your Canvas site.
  2. Click the Zoom link in the course site navigation menu.
  3. Click the Cloud Recordings tab.
  4. Find the recording of the meeting you want to share. Note: It may take up to several hours for a cloud recording to appear after the meeting ends, and only Zoom Cloud recordings will appear here.
  5. Click the Publish toggle for the recording you want to share. If the toggle is blue (checked), it is published, meaning students can see it.


IMPORTANT: Zoom Cloud recordings are accessible to people outside of the Canvas course based on the recording sharing settings. To understand more about protecting your cloud recordings, refer to the U-M Safe Computing page: Recording Class Activities: (Some) Rules of the Road

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