What are the policies for running background or unattended programs on CAEN computers?

Preference for the use of CAEN computers, including remote access services, is given to individuals on a first-come, first-served basis. Examples include those who are physically present in a CAEN lab and log into a computer's console, or those who maintain an active session on a computer via remote access services. This ensures that computing resources are allocated fairly, especially during times of high usage.

CAEN encourages the full use of its lab computers and remote access services, but under the following conditions:

Individuals who violate any policy will be asked to cease their activity immediately. If CAEN is unable to establish contact with an individual, or if the impact is significant or widespread enough, access to CAEN resources may be temporarily disabled for an individual's account until contact can be established.

Alternatives to CAEN Computer Labs

Individuals who require background computing resources that cannot be reconciled with these policies are encouraged to evaluate the resources of U-M Advanced Research Computing (ARC). ARC delivers many advanced performance computing services to the College of Engineering, and can provide resources for most computation problems or background jobs that cannot be done using a CAEN lab computer or remote access service. For more information, refer to our Research Computing at the College of Engineering page.

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