What are the policies and recommendations for using CAEN computer labs?

Several policies are in place to make the CAEN lab environment as comfortable and productive as possible for every College of Engineering student, while maintaining the high level of service that CAEN strives to provide:

  • A CAEN lab computer may only be claimed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • No more than one lab computer may be claimed by an individual at any time.
  • To guarantee continued use of a lab computer, an individual must remain at the computer console, or may lock the screen for up to 15 minutes.
    • After 15 minutes, a button appears that if clicked will automatically logout the locked user so the computer can be reclaimed.
    • If a computer has remained locked for 24 hours of inactivity (i.e. no keyboard or mouse interaction), the system will automatically logout the user (this time period may be shortened near an academic break, and also when critical vulnerability patches need to be applied).
  • CAEN lab computers must not be disguised to look busy, broken, or otherwise modified to dissuade individuals from using them. This includes leaving notes or signs by a computer to indicate it is "in use."
  • CAEN computer labs are available for drop-in use if not otherwise reserved.
  • CAEN assumes no responsibility for damage to, or loss of data on personal devices attached to CAEN computers.
  • Audio devices may only be used with headphones; sound generated from these devices must be inaudible to others.
  • Background or unattended processes must adhere to the policy on Background and Unattended Programs policy.
  • Equipment must not be moved or unplugged.
  • All individuals must adhere to the CAEN Conditions of Use and the U-M Standard Practice Guide, including section 601.16, Policy and Guidelines Regarding Electronic Access to Potentially Offensive Material.


  • Do not leave personal belongings unattended; always take them with you if you leave your work area.
  • Clean your work area before you leave. Be respectful to others who use the labs, and to the amount of table space.
  • Eating and drinking in CAEN computer labs is discouraged.
  • Do not engage in activities unrelated to course work when others are waiting to use a computer for these purposes.
  • Talk quietly and respect requests from others to lower volume while they work.
  • Log out of the computer when you are finished, and verify you are logged out completely before leaving your work area.
  • Report to the CAEN Help Desk any damage or mishandling of equipment, or interference with the proper operation of the lab.


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