What should I know about the faculty & staff storage server migration on Friday, June 7, 2024?

What is happening?
The location where faculty and staff files are stored (i.e. home directories) when using a computer running the CAEN Engineering Base Desktop (EBD) environment will be migrated back to the old storage system at 11:00 p.m. on Friday, June 7, 2024.

What is the EBD and how do I tell if I have it on my computer?
The Engineering Base Desktop (EBD) is CAEN’s fully-configured,software environment which is designed to support the administrative and productivity needs of Michigan Engineering departments. Computers which have the EBD will say “Engineering Base Desktop” on the login screen. There will also be a CAEN directory at the root of the C: drive. Not every CoE department uses the EBD and not every computer within a given department uses it. The local IT person(s) in your department can tell you whether you have the EBD on your computer.

What do I need to do?
It is recommended that you log out of your EBD computer sometime before 10:45 p.m. on Friday, June 7 (or at the end of business that day). It is also recommended that you reboot the computer sometime after 11:30 p.m. before you start using it again.

Will I be able to access all of my files after the migration?
Files that you changed in the 48 hours prior to the migration time may not be immediately available after the migration due to the syncing process. However, it is anticipated that they will all sync by the end of the weekend. No files will be lost in the migration.

What if I need to access a previous version of a file?
Only the latest versions of your files will be migrated. No previous versions will be copied. Following the migration, if you need a previous version of a file from before June 7, 2024, you can submit a request to 4help@umich.edu and request that the ITS Storage Team assist you with recovering a file from the "engin-storage" MiStorage share. Going forward, previous versions of files from after June 7, 2024 can be self-restored in the usual way. Previous versions of files are only retained for a maximum of 8 weeks from the last modification date on the file.

Does this affect the files I access when I use a CAEN Lab or CLSE computer?
No. This change will not impact files accessed via the student home directory storage space on CAEN Lab computers (i.e. engin-labs). Those files are planned to be migrated at a later date.

What if I have a problem accessing my files following the migration?
If you have not already done so, log out of your EBD computer and reboot it. If you need emergency support during that weekend, contact 4help@umich.edu or the CAEN Help Desk, and request assistance with accessing your files in the "engin-storage" MiStorage share.

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