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Have faculty or staff changes in your unit? The Technology Services team is ready to assist your department with requesting technology changes to on-boarding, off-boarding, or other access changes for new or departing Staff and Faculty. Please use this service to request or change existing access and ensure new faculty and staff have the equipment needed for their roles. This service immediately creates a ticket for us to support and communicate the status of your request. This form can be found on the LSA Technology Services website under the "Support" button within "Access Controls".

One-time data extracts from administrative systems. Individual and personal data must follow University Data Governance rules and may also require Dean’s Office Approval.

Student organizations can request fee based room rentals for meetings and events through our Room Reservations request form.

Requests and consultation for desktop back up services & storage options provided by the university.

Questions about integrating research equipment, software or accessories. Requests for student orientations, staff workshops or training.

Faculty may request an LSA classroom to use as a 'studio' for any remote course work. All spaces will have an installed computer, document camera, inputs for a laptop or flashdrive, and a microphone for voice capture. Every classroom will also have access to the Lecture Capture service and streaming capabilties installed in the space.

Departments and units can sponsor people to get uniqnames, MCommunity Directory profiles, and computing services for them (and, in some cases, UMIDs). If your unit does not have a sponsorship administrator, please submit a request to LSA Technology Services for assistance.

LSA provides network storage on a Department and Research PI level. This service can be requested to manage a persons access and obtaining audits of current access. Please note that access can only be administered with written permission of the respective Department Key Administrator, Executive Secretary, or Hiring Manager.

Design, consult, install, repair and upgrade AV systems for LSA spaces. Instructional equipment and software requests. Classroom access management.