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The LSA Faculty Life Cycle is intended to be the single site which incorporates historical data and administrative processes supporting our tenure track faculty, capturing milestones from recruitment to retirement.

Research Computing & Infrastructure staff will work with departments and faculty candidates to determine the size, composition, and cost of research computing resources appropriate for an offer package.

Faculty may request an LSA classroom to use as a 'studio' for any remote course work. All spaces will have an installed computer, document camera, inputs for a laptop or flashdrive, and a microphone for voice capture. Every classroom will also have access to the Lecture Capture service and streaming capabilties installed in the space.

Support for common LSA reporting systems such as Management Reporting System (MRS), KPI, Staff Metrics, and Dean’s Dashboard.

Help with purchasing equipment for new faculty & staff, set up with drives, department access & resources.

Have faculty or staff changes in your unit? The Technology Services team is ready to assist your department with requesting technology changes to on-boarding, off-boarding, or other access changes for new or departing Staff and Faculty. Please use this service to request or change existing access and ensure new faculty and staff have the equipment needed for their roles. This service immediately creates a ticket for us to support and communicate the status of your request. This form can be found on the LSA Technology Services website under the "Support" button within "Access Controls".

LSA faculty,staff and U-M students enrolled in LSA courses can check out a wide variety of audio/visual and computing equipment

Support for department, program, faculty, lab, research, and course sites (non-Canvas). We provide consultation, setup, migration, support and analysis of sites.

LSA Technology Services has partnered with ITS to offer up to two terabytes of storage to LSA faculty, LSA lecturers, and LSA GSRA/GSRI without cost to the individual or department.

This Service Offering consists of multiple applications used by faculty advisors and department staff across UM for multiple purposes - to facilitate appointments, view student information; record advising interactions; maintain advisor/student assignments; manage academic reviews, LSA degree audits, NCAA eligibility evaluations, cross-campus communication of releases/declarations/exceptions, Sweetland Directed Self Placement records and more. Applications to support curriculum approval and the LSA Course Guide are included.

If you suspect there has been an information security incident, SPG 601.25 requires the incident be reported within 24 hours. The LSA TS Security team works in collaboration with the universities Information Assurance team to respond to security incidents as they arise.