Hybrid Classroom podium computer media playback volume control issue

Although in most classrooms the podium is equipped with a standard desktop mount touch pad for switching projection sources (podium computer, laptop computer, document camera and BluRay-DVD player), podium computer playback volume in the hybrid classroom can only be controlled with the mouse or keyboard.

This separation of audio channels was engineered to prevent microphone levels from being disrupted during Zoom calls. It may affect playback of YouTube videos, media embedded in PowerPoint, downloaded videos and mp3s.

Any faculty member, student or GSI attempting to play media on this equipment will want to know that the standard desktop mount Crestron touch pad volume control generally encountered in non-hybrid teaching spaces does not work for playback from the podium computer in these rooms.


Article ID: 8094
Mon 5/16/22 2:58 PM
Thu 6/23/22 3:09 PM