Persistent Password Synchronization Request on Mac

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Mac computer will repeatedly request synchronization of Kerberos account.  An input box will prompt synchronization of Kerberos password, but will continue to appear on the screen. This occurs after the user has logged into the computer. 




1. Changing the University of Michigan (UMICH) password using the site (log in and click "Change UMICH password" and follow the prompts)

2. Change the local password on the machine. (Go to preferences, Users, and change your local password through the settings pane there.)

3. Reboot the computer and login using the new LOCAL password. After logging in, you will get the ADSRoot password prompt again. In this box, put in your UMICH password.

4. A pop up will appear asking for your UMICH and LOCAL passwords, follow the prompts to enter these and when it asks you can re-sync and replace the LOCAL password with the UMICH password. You will not use the LOCAL password again after this point.

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Wed 10/27/21 4:09 PM
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