Ways to access SPSS for LSA psychology graduate students

LSA Psychology Graduate students - SPSS is available for little to no cost on a personal machine in the following ways:

Remote access on University machine

  • Use Virtual Sites - a full Campus Computing Sites Windows desktop virtual desktop from any device

  • Connect remotely with Remote Desktop into an LSA device that has SPSS installed

Installed directly on your computer

  • Purchase SPSS (yearly license)

    • Using Psychology Graduate funds? Send an email to LSATechnologyServices@umich.edu with your type of funding (Debit or Research)

    • Or purchase out of pocket with your personal funds from the TechShop (not reimbursable)

Current GSI/GSRA

  • Free and available to install on a personal computer if you are currently teaching and your MCommunity profile says you are an LSA Psychology Faculty and Staff 

    • MCommunity Example:


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