Unable to install or update software on a Mac


When attempting to update or install software on an Apple Mac computer through the Managed Software Center, no updates are found and/or software does not install.


  • MacOS
    • OS version 2 or more version behind the current version (eg. 11 is current, 10.15 and 10.14 are still supported)
  • Managed Software Center


Apple only offers security updates for the 3 most recent versions of MacOS, and so the University must also follow this pattern to comply with security policies. To encourage updating to a supported OS, new installs and updates are blocked though Managed Software Center with the exception of any potential security updates or patches.


Please update your OS to a supported version of MacOS. As previously mentioned, only the 3 most recent version are supported.

If an OS version update is not available in your Managed Software Center, please contact LSA Technology Services at lsatechnologyservices@umich.edu or submit a service request on the web.


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Wed 8/18/21 10:35 AM
Mon 1/9/23 2:53 PM