Icons appear tiny in specific programs

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On Windows 10 computers with high resolution screens, fonts and icons can appear very small.  Usually, changing the scaling in Display Settings helps with this.  However, some programs do not inherit the Windows settings and must be changed manually. In certain programs, the icons that are associated with buttons usually along the top of the program are very small, to the point that they are difficult to clicked.  For example, in Word, this might be the "Paste" button.  Most programs (including the Office suite) will use the scaling options set in the Windows Display Settings, so this issue may not occur often.  This issue is most likely to occur with instrument or lab software. e.g. Bruker Analysis Studio.


Windows 10 Computers with high-resolution (4k, 8k) displays


  1. Right-click on the program's shortcut on the desktop (or search for the program, right-click and choose Open File Location first).
  2. Choose Properties > Compatibility
  3. Turn off Compatibility Mode.
  4. Then click "Change high DPI settings"
  5. Check the box for "Use the setting to fix scaling..." and set it to "I signed in to Windows"
  6. Also check "Override high DPI scaling behavior..." and set it to "System (Enhanced)"
  7. Click OK, Apply, OK.
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