Romance Languages and Literatures (RLL 4304) printing procedure


Konica 808 printer install for Romance Languages in room 4304.


Printer services for Mac and Windows


  1. Go to, and if prompted, log in using your uniqname and UMICH (Level-1) password.
  2. Download the MPrint Installer application by clicking on the link in the informational box (third box from the top) that reads: “Do you have the MPrint Install application? If not, please click here to download it before proceeding with printer installs!”
  3. Install the application.
    1. Mac: Launch the downloaded installer to install the application.
    2. Windows: The MPrint Installer app will have downloaded to your download folder. We recommend you move this app to a location where it won’t accidentally get deleted.
  4. Open the application by double-clicking on the app or searching for MPrint Installer.
  5. If an “Open File - Security Warning” box pops up, click Run.
  6. If a box pops up prompting you for a username and password, type your uniqname and UMICH (Level1) password.
  7. If you do not know the name of the printer you need, or you wish to look for printers near you, click the Find Printers on Map button to launch the MPrint Maps page at
  8. Select a building and floor number.
  9. Find the printer you need on the map and click the printer icon. You have the option to Install Now or Add To Cart (to add multiple printers at once). If you would like to install all printers on the selected floor, click Install All Now or Add All To Cart. If you chose Install Now, go to step 11.
  10. Once your desired printers are added to your cart, click manage in the top right corner of the page, and then click Install Cart.
  11. Click Launch Installer.
  12. The first time you launch the installer with the MPrint Install application, your browser may warn you that it’s trying to launch an executable. If prompted, please check the box to Always open these types of links in the associated app, and click the Open button.
  13. The MPrint Installer application will launch and list the printer(s) you selected from the MPrint Maps page. Click Install Printers to complete the installation.

Using Follow Me

  1. When you are ready to print, use your browser or application’s print function and select the Follow Me printer.
  2. Click Print.
  3. When prompted again, click Print.
  4. If you receive a pop-up notification telling you that your print job is available for release, click OK.
  5. Go to any networked printer equipped with a card reader and swipe your Mcard, enter your unique name and UMICH password on the printer touch screen, or use the MPrint Mobile app on specially-equipped printers to release your print jobs.
  6. Please make sure you log out of the device when you're done!

About Follow Me Printing

Follow Me is a virtual print queue that holds your documents for up to 24 hours, letting you control where and when they get released. You may release your document from any Follow Me printer on campus by swiping your Mcard at the printer, logging in to the printer with your uniqname and UMICH (Level-1) password, or by using the MPrint mobile app.

See also the 'Fixing "Hold for Authentication" error' article.


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