Printer access denied


When printing, an error status appears in the printer queue stating, "Access Denied." This can occur even if the patron is listed as a MiWorkspace Customer, and is part of an MPrint Community group that particular printer requires. Also, the documents can be canceled in the queue window, but the printer icon in the taskbar never resets the document queue to 0.


Can be resolved using the same methods as a spooling error. This will reset the spooler and clear the document queue.




  1. Open a Command Prompt window:
    1. Click on the start button (Windows icon, lower-left corner of the screen, in the taskbar).
    2. Type cmd to search for Command Prompt.
    3. Press Enter.
  2. Toggle the spooler service off/ on:
    1. Type the command: net stop spooler
    2. Press Enter. A prompt should appear indicating whether the service stopped successfully or not.
    3. Type the command: net start spooler
    4. Press Enter. A prompt should appear indicating whether the service started successfully or not.
    5. Type the command: exit
    6. The Command Prompt window should close.

Attempt to print a document to find out if the issue is resolved.

Please note: It can take a few moments for the list of printers to load when attempting to print after restarting the spooler service. 

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