Determining the modification and scheduled task status of pages in AEM


Determine the modification and scheduled task status of pages in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).


LSA Adobe Experience Manager environment (AEM 6.x)


Please note: These procedures require edit rights to your AEM web site. Contact the Web Services team if you need access

The procedure is similar whether you're using the Classic UI or the Touch UI.

  1. Either log into the siteadmin interface (Classic UI) or log into the sites interface (Touch UI).
  2. Navigate to the directory containing the page in question (but do not open the page itself).
  3. Look at the page element. What you see depends on your UI and selected view:
    • In the Classic UI:
      • If there's a blue light in the Modified column the change is not yet live.
      • If there's a calendar icon (like 📅) in the Status column, hover over it to see what the action is — a green light means "publish" and a red light means "unpublish" — and when it will take place.
    • In the Touch UI:
      • Card view — It does not show the modification or scheduling information. Switch to either the Column view or the List view to see that information.
      • Column view — Select the page and look at the information in the right-most column. It shows the modification information in general terms but does not specifically indicate whether any the changes are live; for example, it may show both as "6 days ago" but it isn't specific enough to determine that the 9am changes are live but the 11am changes are not. It will say something like "Publication Pending" or "Un-publication Pending," version information (if any), and "Scheduled: datestamp."
      • List view (recommended) — Look at the list element. There will be a yellow triangle-and-exclamation point icon (like ⚠️) in the Modified column to indicate that a record has been modified but not published (the equivalent of the blue light in Classic) and a calendar icon (like 📅) in the Published column to indicate a scheduled event (it'll say the same as in the Column view).

Additional notes

The Classic interface is being deprecated and will disappear in a future version of AEM.


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