Registering domains

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Registering a domain name inside the space, such as,, or For domains outside the space, see Registering domains.


  1. Identify the domain name you want, such as "," "," or ""
  2. Email the corresponding hostmaster:

Additional notes

Domain names at the top ( level are controlled by SPG 601.15-1, Domain Name System Standards at the University of Michigan. In short, they must be the names of officially-recognized schools, colleges, institutes, or units (such as "" or "") and may reflect industry best practices (such as ""). Exceptions may be granted but requires following a procedure in the SPG; q.v.

Domain names at the college ( level are managed similarly. Only college-wide servers and services should be at that level. Most departmental desktop workstations, printers, servers, and services should be in the department-specific subdomain.


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