Troubleshooting AFS


Find out if AFS is working correctly in the U-M environment, or troubleshoot a problem with AFS.


As written, this applies to Linux and Mac computers. It may also apply to Windows, but that environment was not tested by the authors.


  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. You can run the commands klist to find out if you have a Kerberos ticket and/or tokens to check for an AFS token.
  3. Use the command kinit uniqname@UMICH.EDU to get a Kerberos ticket.
  4. Run aklog to obtain an AFS token (or click "Get new Token" in the graphical window, say when using the Auristor client on a Mac).
  5. Optionally, check for a token with the tokens command.
  6. Try to access /afs/

For testing purposes, it is useful to know the kdestroy and unlog commands, which remove your Kerberos tickets and AFS tokens, respectively.


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