Selecting between the Service Request System and the Resource Management Portal when managing research computing and storage services


Provides assistance in selecting appropriate tool -- either the Service Request System (RMP) or the Resource Management Portal (RMP) -- to manage research computing and storage service management tasks.


  • Armis2
  • Data Den
  • Great Lakes
  • Locker
  • Turbo


The Service Request System (SRS) is used to create, display, monitor, and update administrative data about Research Storage.  The Resource Management Portal (RMP) is used to display more detailed usage data about both Research Storage and Research Computing resources, including both Research Storage and Research Computing, but does not allow updates other than to the lists of users allowed to access a given resource.

Use the following table to choose the appropriate tool for your desired task.

For this Use this
Order/bill/manage Turbo/Locker/Data Den storage SRS
Add or remove shortcodes and sizes supported by each    SRS
Change volume size SRS
Add or remove volume export lists SRS
Add or remove cluster mount points SRS
Review Turbo/Locker/Data Den admin data SRS
Review Turbo/Locker/Data Den resource consumption RMP
View and change resource admins RMP
View HPC account and subaccount limits RMP
View resource admin support teams RMP
View and change resource users RMP
View /scratch usage RMP
View user and account resource limits RMP
View volume mount paths RMP
View volume export list clients and networks RMP
View storage snapshot sizes and expiration dates RMP
View costs and sizes by shortcode RMP
View sizes by shortcode SRS

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