Requesting Data Den Research Archive Storage


Properly requesting Data Den Research Archive storage.

The following document explains the proper procedure to request Data Den Research Archive storage. For more information on the LSA Research Storage program itself, please refer to the "LSA Research Storage" article.



  1. If it does not already exist, create a new MCommunity group that controls the provisioning for the volume. The recommended format is arcts-uniqname-admins. Add lsats-rci-research-storage as a member and owner of the new group, add arcts-helpdesk as an owner only, and add as a member and owner the appropriate existing group for the supporting regional team.

    NOTE: Be sure to set the member list to be viewable by anyone.

    Existing regional team groups are as follows:

  2. Get the GID for this new group. See "GID Help", below.

  3. Navigate to the request form.

  4. Once on that site choose Request or Manage Service near the top of the main page, then select the Data Den category on the left, and the Data Den Research Archive card on the right.

    The remaining items on this list refer to fields on the request form that appears.

  5. Numeric User ID: Typically this is the requester's UID. See the Additional Notes section of this document if you are unsure how to find a user’s UID. For additional details, you can click the “?” icon for help.

  6. Enter MCommunity Group Name: Set the MCommunity Group Name to the MCommunity group that you created in Step 1.

  7. Group ID: Use the GID that you obtained in Step 2.

  8. Regulated and/or SensitivePlease review the Sensitive Data Guide if you have questions about this field.

  9. Enter a Directory Name: Use the prefix "lsa-" and the faculty/researcher’s uniqname.

  10. Active Directory Group Name: Use the prefix "lsa-", the faculty/researcher’s uniqname, and the suffix "-dataden".

  11. Size: Specify a size in terabytes, observing minimum and increment, up to 100 TB for the standard UMRCP offering.  The standard Data Den Archive Storage volume funded by the University of Michigan Research Computing Package (UMRCP) allows for 100TB. LSA will pay for more Data Den storage as needed. If the PI needs additional space work with them to manage their data before spending money on more storage.
  12. ShortCode: Use 123758 for the UMRCP portion up to 100 TB, and 192911 for any additional storage over 100 TB.

  13. Check the Research Computing Package, Billing Authority, and Service Level Agreement boxes. 

  14. Review the selections, and click Submit Now.


UID Help

If you are unsure the UID of your user, you can utilize the ITS login cluster service to find it out. You will need to ssh to and then run the following command where you replace uniqname with the user's uniqname:

ldapsearch -x -LLL -h -b ou=People,dc=umich,dc=edu uid=uniqname | grep uidNumber

GID Help

To get the GID of the MCommunity group, run the following command, replacing groupname with the desired MCommunity group:

ldapsearch -x -LLL -h -b ou=User\ Groups,ou=Groups,dc=umich,dc=edu cn=groupname | grep gidNumber

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