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Use this eForm to request job postings for faculty and staff (i.e., regular staff positions, academic appointments, and LEO Lecturers)

Examples included but not limited to:

•    Faculty: Instructional (Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor, Associate Dean, Lecturers (LEO)), Regular Non-Instructional (Research Professor Track, Research Scientist Track, Librarians, Curators, and Archivists), Clinical (clinical professor, clinical associate professor, clinical assistant professor, or clinical instructor), Supplemental (Visiting Titles, Adjunct Lecturers (not LEO), Adjunct Clinical), Research (Scientists and Professors)

•    Staff: Research Fellow, Patient Services Associate, Building/Facilities Manager, Housing Officer/Resident Life Intermediate, Instructional Learning Assistant

If your department needs approval access, please access the Online Access Request System (OARS) to request access.

Additional Resources:

Job Code Classification PDF

Instructional and Primary Faculty Positions

Office of the Provost Faculty Handbook: Appointments / Classifications

Career Path Navigator 

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