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How to order audio language translation (dubbing) for media in Canvas and MiVideo Mediaspace. 

Media must be uploaded to your My Media in Canvas or Mediaspace to use this service. 

Closed captions, language translation captions, and audio descriptions are separate services; see the Order Captions for MediaOrder Language Translation Captions for Media and Audio Descriptions (AD) for Media articles.


What is Audio Language Translation (Dubbing)?

Audio language translation is a second audio track in which the original language has been translated and spoken in another language. 

Listening to a Second Audio Track in the Kaltura Media Player

Media in Canvas and MiVideo Mediaspace with audio language translation have separate audio tracks for each language. Only one audio track can be played at a time in the Kaltura media player. Audio tracks can be changed in the Kaltura media player by clicking on the musical note icon in the lower right corner of the player and selecting a different track.

Example video with Audio Language Translation

What is MiVideo? (Spanish audio and captions)

Professional Audio Language Translation

Professional audio language translations can be ordered with a shortcode. Please complete the MiVideo Captioning, Transcription & Audio Descriptions Request Form.

Currently, Kaltura contracts with Papercup to generate professional audio language translations for media. This is a premium fee-based service. It is not free. 

  • AI dubbing that automates video translations which are then validated by humans
  • The audio language translation voice is a human sounding machine voice that changes the spoken language in the recording and attempts to keep the same speech inflections.
  • Price is $26/minute
  • Turnaround time varies based on language (4 to 7 business days)

Ordering Professional Audio Language Translation

  • Media must be uploaded to your My Media in Canvas or Mediaspace to use this service
  • At this time, dubbing is not supported for videos longer than 20 minutes
  • The source media must be in English
  • Audio language translation requests produce a separate audio track
  • The cost is based on the length of the recording rounded up the next minute
    • For example, a recording with a length of 10 minutes and 1 second will be charged for 11 minutes
  • The recording length can be edited down as necessary, see the Utilizing Video Editor article
  • The ITS-MiVideo team will need a shortcode and authorized signer approval to place the order
  • The ITS-MiVideo team will email the requester once the order is completed

User-generated Audio Language Translation

Do you speak another language and want to create your own dubbed audio language track? The ITS-MiVideo team can assist with attaching your second audio language track to your media for free. Media must be uploaded to your My Media in Canvas or Mediaspace to use this service. You must create your own audio language track and upload the track to your My Media in Canvas or Mediaspace. Please complete the MiVideo Captioning, Transcription & Audio Descriptions Request Form.

Ordering Captions for Audio Language Translation

Machine-generated captions can only be ordered in the original language. If you want free machine captions for the second audio track please contact the ITS-MiVideo team for assistance. You can place the request while completing the captioning, transcription & AD form or place a 4Help ticket. Viewers change captions independently of the audio file by clicking the closed captions icon. 

Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center



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