Upload Media Using Kaltura Express Capture: Webcam and Audio Recording


Help understand Kaltura Express Capture, which provides webcam and audio recording directly from within a web browser without the installation of additional software.



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Understanding Kaltura Express Capture, which provides webcam and audio recording directly from within a web browser without the installation of additional software. Express Capture does not record the screen. Your audio/video file is uploaded to your My Media library but a copy of the file is not saved locally onto your computer. Recommended only for short recordings.

Kaltura Capture is a software application that allows for screen recording as well as a variety of recording and annotation tools. See the Kaltura Capture article.

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Upload Media Using Kaltura Express Capture


Create a Recording

Create a Kaltura Express Capture recording.

  1. Access Express Capture
  • Canvas: Account > My Media > Add New > Express Capture
  • MiVideo Mediaspace: Add New > Express Capture
    • Note for Mediaspace users: If you are logged in and cannot find the Add New list you may not have the necessary upload rights, or your site is using a special layout. Contact your site administrator for help.
  1. Your browser may ask you to authorize your webcam and microphone. Be sure to click Yes
  2. Select the settings "gear" icon to change the camera or microphone from the defaults or turn either the camera or microphone off (optional)
  3. Click the red button to begin recording
  4. A brief countdown clock will appear and then the recording begins
  5. The timer indicates the total recording time. Click the stop (square button on left side ot timer) button to end the recording 
  6. You will be presented with multiple options. It is recommended to download a copy to your computer before uploading.
  • Record Again: Delete the current recording and start over
  • Download a Copy: Create a backup on your hard drive before upload
  • Use This: Upload the recording to My Media
    Tip: Wait until you see a green bar and success status message 
  1. The Edit Entry page is displayed
  2. Edit the Name, Description, and add Tags as needed.
  3. Select a Publishing Status to share the media. See the Publish Media article to learn more about publishing statuses
  4. Be sure to Click Save and wait for the status message to appear
  5. You will receive an email when the media is done processing with instructions on how to order captions. See the Order Captions article.

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Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center



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