Zoom: Require That All Meetings are Secured With One Security Option





What is the Zoom setting Require that all meetings are secured with one security option, how do I use it, and why can't I turn it off?


  • Require that all meetings are secured with one security option ensures that individuals hosting Zoom Meetings choose at least one security option that has been shown to help prevent uninvited guests ("Zoombombers") from joining meetings.
  • This setting is mandatory for all U-M Zoom users. Refer to Additional Information below for more details on this requirement.
  • This setting relies on the 3 Zoom security options. Learn more about the 3 security options.
  • When creating new meetings, you will be required to select at least 1 of the 3 security options; if none are selected by default based on your user settings, Waiting Room will be checked automatically, but you can un-check it so long as you check another option prior to saving.

Recommended: Enable at least one security option by default in your settings

  1. Navigate to https://umich.zoom.us/profile/setting and login with U-M Weblogin, if prompted
  2. Enable at least one of the following settings in the Security section to automatically add your preferred security option(s) to each meeting without having to check the box each time:
    1. Require authentication to join>University of Michigan Users (setting name: Only authenticated users can join meetings)
    2. Waiting Room (setting name: Waiting Room)
    3. Passcode (setting name: Require a passcode when scheduling new meetings)
      Note: A passcode alone is not sufficient to protect your meeting or webinar. If you use a passcode, you should also use one of the other two settings.

Additional Information

This setting may not be turned off for any U-M Zoom users under any circumstances.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.



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