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This article provides information regarding audio transcription/closed captioning for Zoom cloud recordings.



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How do I view and edit a Zoom transcript to add captions to a cloud recording?


Audio transcription for cloud recordings enables captions to be added to the meeting/webinar recording after it has concluded. (This feature only works with Zoom cloud recordings as local recordings do not include audio transcripts.)

Verify audio transcripts are enabled

If audio transcription for cloud recordings is not already enabled, learn how to enable it on your U-M Zoom account. The audio transcript will not generate if you do not have this setting enabled when you record to the cloud.

View the transcript files

After recording your Zoom meeting/webinar to the cloud, you can then view and edit the audio transcript from your Zoom settings.

Note: Depending on the length of the cloud recording, the transcript may take several hours to generate.

  1. Go to zoom.umich.edu
  2. Select Recordings from the left navigation
  3. Click the name of the meeting (under Cloud Recordings)

The resulting Recording Details page will include at least two files. You will have different options with each file.

  • Audio only (.m4a)
  • Audio transcript (.vtt) - If downloaded, the file can be viewed in a text editor (e.g., Windows Notepad) or word processing application (e.g., Microsoft Word)

View Closed Captions via the recording

The transcript is automatically embedded within the recording as Closed Captions but is hidden by default. To view the transcript embedded in the recording:

  1. Click the thumbnail of the video (i.e., the small image of the video with a play icon) from the Recording Details page to open the recording in a new window/tab
  2. Click the CC icon in the lower right corner of the recording

You can also follow along with the transcript via the Audio Transcript section to the right of the recording.

Edit the transcript

  1. Hover over the text in the Audio Transcript section that you'd like to edit and click the pencil icon
  2.  Make your changes and click the blue checkmark button to save

The updated version of the text is displayed the next time you play the audio or video file.

Search the transcript

  1. Go to zoom.umich.edu
  2. Select Recordings from the left navigation
  3. Enter the keyword(s) for which you'd like to search in the "Search text in audio transcript" field

Zoom will return recordings with the transcript keyword(s), including the timestamp and the option to "View more results." This will take you to the relevant cloud recording and highlight exactly where in the Audio Transcript section the keyword(s) can be found.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.



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