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How do I use the Canvas App Explorer tool?


Canvas App Explorer (CAE) is a tool developed by the ITS Teaching and Learning team that helps course owners quickly and easily understand and select external applications that have been integrated into Canvas for use on their course.

Canvas App Explorer allows course owners to:

  • Search for an integrated app by name or category
  • Understand the use and functionality of an app 
  • Add or remove an app with a single click
  • Find help documents and other support resources for an app

Who Can Use This Feature?

  • Canvas Root Account Administrator
  • Canvas Sub-Account Administrator
  • Anyone holding the Teacher role in Canvas

Adding Canvas App Explorer to your Canvas course

  • From your course navigation menu, select Settings
  • Under Settings, click on the Navigation tab
  • On the Navigation tab, scroll down to find Canvas App Explorer in the list of non-active tools
  • Drag and drop the Canvas App Explorer to the desired position in the list of active tools
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save to place Canvas App Explorer on the course menu
  • Note that CAE will be visible only to the Canvas roles noted above

Authorizing the App

The first time you access Canvas Application Explorer you will be prompted to authorize the tool.  You can revoke your authorization in your Canvas Account settings at any time.  Future updates to the Canvas App Explorer code may require you to reauthorize the tool.

Using Canvas App Explorer

App Cards are representations of academic tools that have been integrated into Canvas for use on your Canvas courses.  By adding an app to your Canvas course you can extend the capabilities of Canvas by adding new or alternative functions that can be used to teach or to manage your course.  Currently, only apps that are integrated into the top-level enterprise account and are available to all Canvas courses are listed in Canvas App Explorer - apps availble only to courses in a particular Canvas sub-account are not listed at this time

  1. From the Canvas course, click on "Canvas App Explorer" in the course navigation menu to access the tool
  2. Scroll down the list of app cards or enter an app name or keyword in the dynamic search field at the top of the screen to find an app of interest
    1. Canvas App Explorer will search all Name and Description fields and return any app cards that match the search term
    2. Delete the search term to once again display the default set of app cards
  3. Each app card will show the name and a short description of the app
    1. Selecting the "More" button to expand the app card will show additional content, including:
      1. A longer description of the app
      2. An image of the app’s user interface that can be enlarged for greater detail
      3. Details on the data privacy of the app
      4. Placement - where in your course you will find the app
      5.  All apps can be placed on the left-hand navigation menu of a course but some functions of an app may surface in other areas of a course, such as the Assignments tool
      6. Links to app documentation and other support resources, such as who to contact if you need additional assistance with using an app
    2. Select the "Less" button to return the card to its default size and content
  4. Once you’ve decided on an app, click the "Add Tool" button to add the app to the Course navigation menu
    1. The card will briefly display a loading animation while the app is added
    2. Once the animation has completed you will need to refresh your screen to see the added app (the first time you add/remove an app on a course after logging in to Canvas a dismissable alert will display to let you know that the page needs to be refreshed). 
  5. Click the "Remove Tool" button to remove the app from the course navigation menu
    1. A loading animation will again display and you will need to refresh your screen to see the change
  6. Click "Help" in the application bar at the top of the CAE screen in Canvas to view this document from within Canvas App Explorer

Additional Information

Canvas App Explorer is supported by the ITS Teaching & Learning team

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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