Request a Training Bypass for an Instructor Led Course in My LINC




To ensure faculty and staff have the knowledge to use M-pathways systems correctly, training my be required before access is granted. Unit Liaisons can request a training bypass for staff members with a business need to access a system before they can attend the required training.


How to Request a Training Bypass

Staff members with a business need for access to a system before they can attend the required training must:

  1. Complete the DCE101 U-M Data Protection and Responsible Use
  2. Sign and submit the Access and Compliance Form, which is at the end of the eLearning course, if one is not already on file
  3. Ask their Unit Liaison to send an email message to The email message must include the following:
    • Name and uniqname of person for whom the training bypass is being requested
    • Unit Liaison's name and phone number
    • Name of course(s) for which the training bypass is requested
    • Business reason for requesting this bypass

After a training bypass request is received and approved by ITS and the appropriate Central Office, access will be granted within three business days. To ensure that access privileges continue, the person receiving the temporary bypass must attend training within three months of the time access is granted. Failure to attend training within the allotted time may result in removal of access.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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