Configuring Qualtrics to Use SSO




How to set up a U-M Qualtrics survey to require Weblogin/SSO.


Use the following steps to set up a survey to require a Cosign SSO login, which captures name data, the email address and other U-M information:

  1. From the U-M Qualtrics Home page, click a survey name to go into edit mode (or click the 3-horizontal dots next to the survey name > Edit survey)
  2. Select the Survey flow icon from the left-navigation (should be the second icon)
  3. Below the Default Question Block, select +Add a New Element Here (or use the Add Below option on the Question Block)
  4. Select the Authenticator option
  5. Set the 'Authentication Type' to SSO
  6. De-select Associate Respondent With Panel
  7. Select Capture respondent identifying info
  8. Click Add Embedded Data... and add any or all of the following fields you wish to capture. Fields on the right side (Field From SSO) have to be exactly as provided below.
    • First name = givenName
    • Last name = sn
    • Email = mail
    • UMID= employeeNumber
    • Uniqname = uid
  1. Set the 'SSO Type' to Shibboleth
  2. Click the Move option on the Branch on Successful Authentication block and drag it above the first Question Block. A green bar will guide the placement.
    • Note: placing the Authenticator as the first block before any Question Block ensures the authentication happens first
  3. Click Apply in the bottom-right to save the survey flow

Additional Information

Qualtrics has the following page with more details about the SSO Authenticator

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