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  • Applies for: Ann Arbor Instructors


I want to be able to send email to everyone in my course. How do I set up a course group for that?


  • Use MCommunity to create an email group ( that includes the people on your class roster
  • If additional people have been added to the course, who do not appear on the roster, add them to the email individually
  • These groups are different then the typical MCommunity group as their email domain is

Additional Information

These groups can be used for sending email and sharing Google resources

  • Note: Review the MCommunity Course Group to see if it was or was not "Sent to Google".
  • If the box next to "Sent to Google" is blank", it needs to be checked in order for the Group to be usable.
  • A Course Group is not sent to Google, until an instructor creates it via the "Course Group App" also known as "MCommunity Course Group Settings".
  • The following "Creating a Course Group" steps 2-4 will assist with ensuring the Course Group is setup & working properly:
  • In addition, a Canvas Course Site that is unPublished -- will need to be Published, if it will be used for a current term.

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