Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Problems in Northwood Housing


Northwood Housing Internet Service, Northwood I, II, III, IV, V


Northwood Housing residents who are having internet problems/no conntectivity can use this to try to identify and correct the problem.


  • Devices connected via ethernet must be registered at the website 
  • Northwood I, II, and III residents and guests connect to MGuest/MWireless/Eduroam/MSetup - personal WiFi routers or devices that broadcast are not allowed
  • Nort hwood IV and V family residences must provide their own WiFi router, which needs to be registered at the website

Troubleshooting Internet service at Northwood Residences

Check modem lights (blinking or solid)

  • Power light must be ON, solid and not blinking
  • DS (Downstream) will be ON solid during normal operation
    • Blinking when scanning for the signal during start-up
  • US (Upstream) will be ON solid during normal operation
  • Online will be ON solid during normal operation and illustrates that modem is registered
    • Blinking means something is not finished, or not working
  • LINK blinking to indicate data is being transferred, solid when it is not in active transfer
  • Other ind icator lights may be visible that are not used by our system

Check cables and connections

  • Be certain all cables are connected firmly
  • Push gently (don't pull) if you think a cable is loose
  • If cables appear missing, contact the ITS Service Center
  • If cable modem is missing, contact the ITS Service Center
  • Shut down and restart the modem by unplugging it from a power source
    • If the modem has a battery door, also remove the battery from its compartment in order to complete the shutdown
      • You may need to press the gray lever to eject the battery

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

Troubleshooting advice from the NetGuide is as follows:

1. Verify that your modem's power cord is properly inserted into an electrical outlet.

2. Check that all cables are properly connected, and that you are using the correct cables.

3. Check the status indicator lights.  If the lights are not illuminated properly, try resetting the modem by unplugging it from the electrical outlet (and removing the battery if your modem has one), waiting 2 minutes, and then reconnecting.  It may take the modem a few minutes to recycle and come back online (the lights will illuminate when it is online).

4. Check your computer's network configuration and ensure that it is set to obtain an IP address and DNS service automatically.

5. Restart your computer.


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