Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Problems in Northwood Housing


Northwood Housing Internet Service, Northwood I, II, III, IV, V


Northwood Housing residents who are having internet problems/no conntectivity can use this to try to identify and correct the problem.


  • Devices connected via ethernet must be registered at the website 
  • Northwood I, II, and III residents and guests connect to MGuest/MWireless/Eduroam/MSetup - personal WiFi routers or devices that broadcast are not allowed
  • Nort hwood IV and V family residences must provide their own WiFi router, which needs to be registered at the website

Troubleshooting Internet service at Northwood Residences

Check modem lights (blinking or solid)

  • Power light must be ON, solid and not blinking
  • DS (Downstream) will be ON solid during normal operation
    • Blinking when scanning for the signal during start-up
  • US (Upstream) will be ON solid during normal operation
  • Online will be ON solid during normal operation and illustrates that modem is registered
    • Blinking means something is not finished, or not working
  • LINK blinking to indicate data is being transferred, solid when it is not in active transfer
  • Other ind icator lights may be visible that are not used by our system

Check cables and connections

  • Be certain all cables are connected firmly
  • Push gently (don't pull) if you think a cable is loose
  • If cables appear missing, contact the ITS Service Center
  • If cable modem is missing, contact the ITS Service Center
  • Shut down and restart the modem by unplugging it from a power source
    • If the modem has a battery door, also remove the battery from its compartment in order to complete the shutdown
      • You may need to press the gray lever to eject the battery

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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