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Adobe Express


What tools are available for instructors, students, and staff to easily create graphics, templates, videos, flyers, logos, images, and social media posts?


The University of Michigan is an Adobe Creative Cloud Campus. This agreement gives all eligible U-M faculty, staff, and students no-cost access to:

  • every Adobe Creative Cloud app — desktop and mobile!
  • 100 GB of cloud storage
  • a variety of training resources

New to Adobe Creative Cloud? Get access.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is one of the many tools that are available in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. Adobe Express is a tool that helps users make content without prior graphic design experience.

Users can easily and quickly make graphics, templates, flyers, images, websites, social posts/stories, ads, banners, logos, and more. Content created in Adobe Express can be used in Canvas pages by instructors and students can use the tool to create assignment content.

Express Access and Login

  1. Express is a webapp (no software installation necessary) at
  2. Click the "Sign In" button in the upper right
  3. Select Google (Umich email) 
  4. If you are not already logged into Google you will be prompted to enter your Umich email
  5. Login to Weblogin (UMICH Level-1 for Michigan Medicine) and Duo 

How Can I Use Adobe Express In My Course?

  • Combine video clips, artwork, graphics, websites, animations, and videos with drag-and-drop ease. 
  • Complete one-click tasks powered by Adobe Photo, design, video, and PDF tools. 
  • Generate extraordinary text effects and images instantly from just a description with Adobe Firefly generative AI.
  • Complete designs faster with thousands of professionally designed templates, Adobe Stock photos, videos, music, and more. 
  • Collaborate and comment on files in real-time with your team. 
  • Seamlessly access and add linked Photoshop and Illustrator assets that always stay in sync. 

How Can I Get Help?


Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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