OFA - Federal Work-Study Off-Campus Employer Questionnaire

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor partners with local nonprofits, and federal agencies, to employ Federal Work-Study students in community service positions that perform work that is "in the public interest." 501(c)(3) organizations must be headquartered in the State of Michigan. If approved, the U-M Student Employment Office will reach out with an official agreement, and for any additional information or documentation that is required to finalize your request. 

For details on the Off-Campus Work-Study hiring and reimbursement process, please visit our website

Please note, Federal Work-Study employees cannot perform work that involves the displacement of regular employees, soliciting or commissions, maintenance of a building used for religious purposes, working during their scheduled class times, work that primarily benefits an organization with limited membership (such as a credit union or religious order), or any political activity that is related to a particular faction in an election, an elected official, lobbying, or takes into account the student's political support or affiliation any way. 

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