Canvas: Change the Home Page

When importing a course copy, you may need to change which Page Canvas uses for your course Home.

  1. Navigate to the Pages menu in the left-hand course navigation

  2. In the upper left, click the ‘View All Pages’ button

Canvas button labeled View All Pages

  1. Locate the Page you’d like to use as your Home, and click the 3-dot menu.

  2. Select ‘Use as Front Page’ from the drop-down menu

    Screenshot from the All Pages list with the 3-dot menu circled next to a page titled Home Page. The menu expanded shows the options to Edit, Delete, Use as Front Page, Duplicate, and Send to.  Use as Front Page is highlighted.

  3. You should see a label added to the Page indicating it will be the course Home page.

    The page titled Home Page has a gray label below it that says Front Page.

  4. If needed, change your course home setting using the Choose Home Page button located in the far-right menu on the Home page.

Menu options located on the right-hand side of the Canvas home page.  Choose Home Page is circled.                  Screenshot of the menu of options to set as your course home page. Select from Course Activity Stream, Pages Front Page, Course Modules, Assignments List, or Syllabus. Selections are made by radio button and clicking Submit at the bottom of the menu.



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