What is a Wireless Network?

A Wireless Network is a network in which a device connects to the network via a wireless (radio) signal in place of using a wired connection. Current UM-Flint students and employees are entitled to receive access to the University of Michigan-Flint wireless collaboration network known as eduroam for personal and University-owned devices. Guests visiting the University can use the MGuest wireless network. MGuest allows 12 hours of access per session to use the Internet on laptop computers or mobile devices.

Intended Audience

This article is for the benefit of faculty, staff, and students who are looking for more information about the wireless network used on campus.


This article is for informational purposes and has no specific requirements, however, if you are looking to connect to the University's wireless network, you must have a current affiliation with the University and have access to your LAN account.

UM-Flint Wireless Network FAQ

Q: Do we have a wireless network at UM-Flint?

A: Yes, wireless Internet access is offered all over campus for faculty, staff, and students. The wireless network is accessible in Murchie Science Building (MSB), French Hall (FH), Theater, Pavilion (UPAV), University Center (UCEN), Thompson Library, William S. White Building (WSW), the 2nd floor of Riverfront, and limited coverage on some floors of the Northbank Center (NBC).


Q: What are the supported wireless standards on campus?

A: The UM-Flint wireless network supports 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac, and 802.11ax(WiFi 6). WiFi 6E is not supported. 


Q: Do you have to be a UM-Flint faculty/staff/student member to use the wireless network on campus?

A: No, guests to the University are able to connect to the wireless network using MGuest. Note that MGuest network traffic is limited and video streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and others are blocked.


Q: What can I access when I am connected to the wireless network?

A: When you are connected to the wireless network, you are able to access the Internet and all it offers, such as email, Canvas, and SIS. Do note that the network traffic on campus is actively monitored. Please refrain from running Torrent programs or performing illegal acts like downloading pirated software while on UM-Flint's network. UM-Flint is obligated to report such actions to the appropriate copyright holder.


Q: How do I connect to the wireless network?

A: Information about connecting to a wireless network on campus can be found at the following article links:


Q: What is eduroam?

A: Eduroam is a global wireless network access service for research and education. An eligible organization (research organization or education-related organization) can provide users (students, researchers, staff, and faculty) with wireless access at participating institutions through the use of their home institution credentials. Eduroam uses the IEEE 802.1X protocol (WPA2-enterprise) and a system of interconnected RADIUS servers, with the main U.S. node operated by Internet2 (contracted to ANYROAM). Eduroam in the U.S. is brought to you by Internet2 in collaboration with ANYROAM and the global eduroam community.


Q: How does eduroam work?

A: Eduroam is a federated authentication service that allows participating institutions to provide access to their wireless networks to users from other eduroam participating institutions. Individuals use their home institution's username and password.


Q: What other institutions use the eduroam network?

A: The other institutions that use the eduroam network include; Mott Community College, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan State University, Davenport University, Calvin College, and Grand Valley State University. Here a list of the United States showing locations of all the colleges that support eduroam: https://www.eduroam.us/institutions_list


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