Registering and Connecting your Game Console

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This article is for the benefit of the affiliates and guests of the University of Michigan-Flint who would like to connect their gaming console to our network. These devices must be connected to Mguest because they are incapable of connecting to the eduroam wireless network.


The University of Michigan-Flint can register almost any gaming console or media streaming device. Some devices cannot be supported such as the original Wii consoles and Chromecasts.


Note: You will need your device's MAC address. We have provided general instructions for finding this on popular devices further into this article.

Registering your Console on the MGuest Network

  1. On a computer connected to the UMFlint network (wirelessly on "eduroam," or a wired connection), use a web browser to visit
  2. Log in with your full UMFlint email (e.g. and current password.
    • It is imperative that you include the "" when you log in. Without it, registration may fail and you will not be able to connect your console(s).


  1. You should now see all of the devices that are currently registered under your account. To register a new device, click Register another device.


  1. Next, enter your device's MAC Address, including the colons, and then click "Register". If you are unable to find your MAC Address, see below.


  1. Your console has now been successfully registered on MGuest for 1 year! Now you should be able to connect to MGuest on the console and have internet access.

Connecting your Console to MGuest

  • Once your console has been registered using the steps above, you will be able to connect to MGuest from your wireless menu on the console.
  • After choosing MGuest, please wait for your console to establish the connection.
  • When the connection has been established, your console will have access to the Internet.

Finding your Device's MAC Address:

Finding your PS3 MAC Address:

  1. Select the Settings icon (2nd from the left).
  2. Select the System Settings icon.
  3. Select System Information. You may need to scroll up/down to find it.
  4. You will see your MAC address listed on this screen.

Finding your PS4 MAC Address:

  1. Navigate to the Settings icon in the header menu (2nd from the right).
  2. Select the System icon under the Settings menu.
  3. Select System Information at the top of the menu.
  4. You will see your wireless MAC address listed on this screen.

Finding your Wii U MAC Address:

  1. From the Wii U Menu, select System Settings.
  2. Using the left stick, select the Internet icon, and press the A button.
  3. Select View MAC Address and wait a moment for the MAC address to be displayed.

Finding your Nintendo Switch MAC Address:

  1. Select System Settings from the HOME menu.
  2. Using the left stick, scroll down and select Internet.
  3. The MAC address to be displayed under System MAC Address.

Finding your Xbox 360 MAC Address:

*With the Xbox 360, you will need to connect to MGuest in order for the MAC address to display. Upon this initial connection, you will not successfully connect access to the internet. Once you register your MAC address from a desktop/laptop, you will be able to access the internet successfully.

  1. From Main Menu, navigate to the Settings menu on the top right.
  2. Select the System menu.
  3. Scroll over to the MGuest network and press A on the controller.
    • If the network does not appear, press X to force the system to scan again.
    • If prompted to confirm connecting to an unsecured network, select Yes.
  4. If prompted with a warning about logging all users out in order to test your network connection, select Yes.
    • Remember: this test will fail to complete until you finish registering your MAC address.
  5. After the test, select Configure Network.
  6. Select the Additional Setting tab.
  7. Select the Advanced Settings menu.
  8. You will see your MAC address listed on this screen. It will consist of alphanumeric characters and have the format xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx.

Finding your Xbox One MAC Address:

  1. Press the Menu button on the controller.
  2. Select the Settings option.
  3. Select Network.
  4. Select Advanced Settings.
  5. You will see your wireless MAC address listed on this screen.


"The website says that my MAC address is invalid. What should I do?"

First, please double-check that you are typing in the MAC address correctly, including the colons between each pair of characters (e.g. AA:BB:CC:11:22:33). If your device has an "Ethernet" or "Wired" MAC, as well as a "Wi-Fi" or "Wireless" MAC, use the Wireless one. Please call or email the ITS Helpdesk with your MAC address available if you are having difficulties.


If you have any further questions or experience any issues with this article, please contact the ITS Helpdesk.


Location: 206 Murchie Science Building


Phone: (810) 762-3123



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Registering your console on MGuest network

Registering your console on MGuest


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