Using FileZilla for Windows

SSH and SFTP are secure alternatives to telnet and FTP. Telnet and FTP transmit data in a manner that is easily intercepted. SSH and SFTP transmit your uniqname and password in an encrypted form that is not easily intercepted.

Intended Audience:

This article is for the benefit of the faculty and staff members on campus that need to access Banxfer.


To follow this article you will need to have a current affiliation with the university, Banxfer access, and have local administrator rights on your computer.

Installing the FileZilla Software / Getting to the SSH/SFTP Software:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on "Download FileZilla Client".
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  3. This will then trigger a pop-up with options for which FileZilla client you wish to download. You should click "Download" under the "FileZilla" column on the far left.
    • Using SSH and SFTP for Windows_2
  4. A new pop-up will open requesting that you save the setup file, Click "Save File".
  5. This will then send the file to your downloads folder.
  6. Navigate to your File Explorer where the downloads folder is and look for the FileZilla setup file.
  7. Double click on  the FileZilla application to run it.
  8. Click Yes if a security warning prompts.
  9. When the FileZilla setup window appears, click I Agree.
  10. If you are given any optional offers like Adaware Web Companion, be sure to click Decline as they are not needed to utilize the program.
  11. When it prompts you to install for yourself or all users, choose an option best suited for your needs (choosing Anyone who uses this computer is a good default).
  12. When it gives checkboxes for components, click Next to use the defaults. The defaults should be Icon Sets, Language Files, and Shell Extension.
  13. For the "Choose Install Location" screen, just click Next for the default install location, and then Next for the Choose Start Menu Folder screen
  14. It should begin installing now, and when it is done click Finish


Using FileZilla to Connect to Banxfer:

  1. Using the bar at the top please use do the following:
    1. Click on File -> Site Manager.
    2. Click "New Site"
    3. Set Protocol to SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol.
    4. In the box next to "Host", enter
    5. Set Logon Type to Interactive.
    6. Make sure the port is set to 22.
    7. Enter your uniqname in the User: box.Using SSH and SFTP for Windows_3.PNG
    8. Click on the Transfer Settings tab.
    9. Make sure the Limit number of simultaneous connections box is check.
    10. Make sure the maximum number of connections is set to 1.
  2. Go back to the General tab and click Connect.
  3. It may inform you that this is an unknown host key. Please check, "Always trust this host, add this key to the cache".

Using SSH and SFTP for Windows_4.PNG

  1. A new window will appear, enter your current password in the password box. (This password will not be displayed in plain text.)
  2. Follow the instructions that appear, these will vary with the number and type of devices you have configured in Duo

Password Field


  1. After you've successfully connected you can add this configuration to the bookmarks near the top of FileZilla.
  2. Click bookmarks then add bookmarks

    1. Using SSH and SFTP for Windows_5.png
    2. Enter the name. (Anything that would help you remember.)
    3. Click OK
    4. You should now be connected to the server.

Using FileZilla to transfer files:

  1. Open the FileZilla software following the directions under To Access the FileZilla software section.
  2. Click the Transfer button toward the top of the page then click Manual transfer...
    Using SSH and SFTP for Windows_6.png
  1. Choose the Upload option to move things to the server.
  2. Choose the local file you would like to send.
  3. Select the Remote File Path you would like to send to.
    1. Note: Include the file name of the file being transferred
  4. For the server select use server currently connected to
  5. Leave Data type as Auto
  6. Make sure to check Start transfer immediately
    Using SSH and SFTP for Windows_7.png
  1. The file will now be moved to the specified location.


If you have any questions or experience any issues with this article, please visit or contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance.


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