How to Use the EZProxy

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This article is for benefit of faculty, staff, and current students who would like to use Library resources from off campus.


In order to access and use EZProxy, you will need to have a current affiliation (i.e. student, faculty, staff) with the University with access to a campus computing account. You will also need to be off-campus, with an Internet connection and web browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

Accessing Library Databases

Before continuing: Faculty and staff, please note that University-owned computers using the ForticlientVPN will likely be unable to connect to library databases while off campus due to technical issues. As alternatives, you can utilize Labanywhere while off campus, use a computer without the ForticlientVPN, or use computers on campus.

  1. Navigate to the list of databases on the Thompson Library website at
    1. For the Electronic Reserves login page visit
  2. Enter your uniqname and current password at the authentication screen below.
  3. Click the Log In button to continue.
  4. The selected database should appear.



If you have any questions or experience any issues not covered by the information in this article, please stop into the ITS Helpdesk for assistance.


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